Applicant Tracker

Enhancing Recruitment Efficiency with a Customizable Applicant Tracker
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Applicant Tracker

Streamlining Recruitment with an Applicant Tracker Template

Addressing the Complexity of Recruitment

Managing the recruitment process often feels like solving a complex math problem, with dozens of candidates at various stages, requiring personalized communication and follow-ups. For those seeking a simpler, more human-centric approach to tracking applicants, our template offers a starting point.

Features of the Applicant Tracker Template

Our template stands out for its flexibility, differing from traditional recruitment software or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solutions. It enables you to manage the entire hiring cycle—from listing job openings to organizing job descriptions and tracking job seekers and their contact information—all within a cohesive system.

Internal Recruitment and Job Promotion

  • Internal Recruitment: Easily set up a form for employee recommendations and link it to your Applicants table.
  • Job Promotion: Utilize the template to spread the word about openings across various platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Craigslist, and more.

This base allows for the creation of a tailored applicant tracking system, streamlining your recruitment process.

Ideal Users of the Applicant Tracker

Designed for small-to-medium HR departments, talent acquisition professionals, and hiring managers, this template simplifies the recruitment workflow, making candidate status instantly recognizable. It's most effective for managing a smaller candidate pool.

For those needing more complexity, our advanced version offers additional features for optimizing and automating recruitment efforts.

Getting Started with the Applicant Tracker

  • Personalized Views: Customize views to filter out irrelevant information, focusing on what matters to you.
  • Interview Scheduling: Use the calendar view for an overview of upcoming interviews.
  • Candidate Pipeline: Employ a kanban view for real-time updates on candidate status, customizable by hiring manager.

This applicant tracking template not only aligns your team but also smooths the transition to onboarding new hires.

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